Day Trip

There are some moments when you just need to get away for the day. That is one advantage of living in Charlotte. You are literally a day away from everything. We took advantage of that last week and took a day trip to the mountains. Our goal was Asheville, but we stopped at a waterfall first. Everywhere in the North Carolina mountains there are amazing waterfalls. We stopped by Catawba Falls on the way there. Online it says it a easy hike to get to the falls, and it is only a three-mile round trip. I thought to myself that I walk three miles every day at work, so that shouldn’t be so bad. While it was only a three-mile hike, it was all uphill in order to get there. There was one point where we had to walk through a stream in order to get there. It was a tough mile and a half to get up the hill to the waterfall, but it was worth it. The top was amazing. Here are a few shots of the falls and the journey there.


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