Fun Sites in Asheville

On our favorite places to go on a day trip to is Asheville, NC. It is only 2 hours from our house. We usually stop by a waterfall on the way there, and then walk around downtown for a little bit. We check out the different shops, eat some lunch, and just enjoy being away. We headed over the Mast General Store. It’s fun place to check out all of the different things they have. It’s one of those stores that I look for ideas for stuff I would like to have, and then buy it off Amazon later. I did see a really cool mug, so I had to pick one up. Asheville is a different place, and they like to show it off. They also take many opportunities to show their values.

One of my favorite places to visit is Double D Coffee and Desserts. It is a old double decker bus that has been converted into a coffee shop. Not only is really unique, but they also have some really good coffee. When it comes to coffee I am a man of simple tastes. I am one of those few people who actually likes the tastes of coffee. I take it with very little cream and sweetener. I prefer stevia, but sometimes that is hard to come by. My kids had some smoothies. I normally don’t like smoothies that much, but those smoothies were wonderful.

Asheville is one of our favorite spots to visit. I wished we had more time on this day to check out more.


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