A Spot

There are about three to four places in Charlotte that I take photos of frequently. This has actually taught me a lot about lightening and cloud cover when it comes to taking great photos. When taking the ideal landscape shot of someone in town I have learned that typically the shots that look the best are the ones that have weather that I considered the best type of weather. Days that have the best weather typically help me produce the best pictures. When it is cloudy and grey typically the shots don’t look the best to me. When the weather is clear and filled with sunshine, my shots look more ideal. Having a spot and taking several photos from the same location at different times has allowed me to know when the ideal day comes for taking pictures.

I took these photos yesterday while I was riding my bike in Uptown. I took a trip to the farmers market, and on the way there I decided to stop by my spot. This is Marshall Park. It is one of my favorites places to stop and take pictures. The weather was amazing yesterday. Clear skies and sunshine, you can’t beat it.


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