Some Black and White Throwbacks

I have been going back lately and looking at some photos I have taken a while ago. I like looking back because it reminds me of what was going while I was taking them. Sometimes I remember the moment, or I remember what was happening at that time. That’s one of the reasons I love taking pictures. It’s great to look back and remember.

I took this photo at Freedom Park last spring. Since I started riding my bicycle last year I have been trying out some different routes from my house. This is one of those newer routes. The way there is super easy because it is mostly downhill. The way back is a different story. I usually have to take a break before starting the journey back up the hill. It is a fun route that actually takes me through two parks and through the Sugar Creek Greenway. I love this photo because when you look at you don’t think that this is in the middle of a suburban park not too far from Uptown Charlotte. It is like mini getaway that helps you escape from the city for a moment.

I often come back to this spot at different parts of the year. In the fall when the leaves are changing or in the spring when it is a sea of green. The water is surprising clear considering its source. While Charlotte has made great strides to clean up the streams, its not a spot that I would take a swim in. You never know what you will find in the water.

I took this early last spring right when all of the trees around Charlotte are blooming. While the pink is beautiful the black and white brings out the details of this beautiful tree. There is a time where almost every tree in town is either pink or white. It changes the entire landscape of the city. I would often get distracted while taking bicycle rides because I would feel the urge to photograph every tree that I came across.

This is another photo I took at Freedom Park. There is a lake in the middle of it. This is one of the nicest parks in the city. The lake is fun to cruise around and check out the sites. There are so many great places to take photos at. I often lose track of time because I keep finding great spots to photograph.

This is the fountain at First Ward Park. This urban park is located near 7th street in Uptown Charlotte. I have taken some great photos of Uptown Charlotte from this location. The park is a great place to hang out at.


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