Old Cars In Random Places

As much as I ride my bicycle in Charlotte, there are still many trails I haven’t explored yet. Last week, I decided to check out a trail near Tyvola Road that I had driven by many times, but never rode. When we got on the trail, my son saw that this trail lead to a park that they like to visit. So we followed his lead to get to Park Road Park. After riding around the park and hanging out for a while, we started to head back because it was almost lunch to time.

This trail has some pretty big hills on it. The way to the park is mostly downhill, but the way back is a completely different story. As we are climbing up this perceived mountain, I notice these two old cars on the side of the path. I noticed it this on the way back because my kids needed a break from climbing up the hill. It was like finding something out of a movie. Here are these two old cars, sitting there, and overgrown with trees. Since it it was something different I had to stop and take pictures of it. I wished I wasn’t in a hurry at that point, or I would have investigated some more. I wonder how on earth did these get here, and why are they still here. When I looked at the photos I took more I noticed there was some words on it. I see the words Charlotte, but that is about it. You never know what you will find on Charlotte’s green ways.


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