Favorites From My Old Camera

My last camera was a Nikon D3200. It’s a very basic dslr camera. I bought from a pawn shop near my house for around $200. I bought it because we were going on our first cruise, and I wanted something to take some great photos with. This little camera was how I learned a lot of the basics of photography. It took me beyond my phone, and I was able to get some great practice in. This camera actually went with me the first time I went overseas. I took it with me when I went on first cruise to Mexico, Honduras, and Belize. Here are a few of my favorite photo that I took with my D3200.

Sometimes the best photos can be taken close to home. I took the photo of this beauty at my dad’s house back in July a few years ago. You should always have your camera with you ready to go because you never know what you will see. This guy was way taller than me and the flower was larger than my head. The sky was perfect and the lighting was on point.

This photo was taken at Linwood Gorge. This was at the top of the valley looking down into the gorge. Getting to this point was a pretty crazy uphill hike. The view was amazing. This picture does not do it justice at all. I have several shots from the visit from day, but this one was one of my favorite.

I took this photo in Mexico. This are some of the newer Mayan Ruins that have been discovered. This was a really fun trip. Being there felt like I was seeing something out of a movie. My son and I were able to walk up the stairs to one of pyramids, and they are a lot steeper than they look. I was incredible to see the work that had been done in order to see these amazing structures up close.

This is one of my favorite spots to visit, Freedom Park in Charlotte. This is the type of park you feel like you would see on the cover of a magazine. There is a lake that you can walk around, playgrounds, ballfields, and a greenway that will take you all the way to Uptown Charlotte. While you are here you don’t feel like you are even in the city at all.

I took the close up of this beauty at Riverbank Zoo. They have an amazing botanical garden at the zoo. It has some great fountains, flowers, and views. It has is an amazing place to visit, and of course you get to check out the zoo animals too.

The first thing you see when you arrive at the Riverbank Zoo is the flamingos. When I walk in I have to stop and take a few photos of these guys.

These are just a few of the highlights I had taken with my old camera. It’s great to go back and reflect on some of the photos I had taken in the past.


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