What Do You Hear When You See It

Last year, we didn’t go camping like we normally do. We opted not to last year because we weighed the risk and reward, and then we decided it would be best to stay home. Prices were high, and we just weren’t feeling it. We saved our money for this year. We have already been camping once this year, and we are going on another trip next month.

At one point last year we knew we needed to get out of Charlotte for a little while. Instead of camping we did the next best thing, and that was to take a day trip to the mountains. One thing I love about living in Charlotte is I am 2 hours away from the beach and the mountains. I’m close to everything.

These shots are from Curtis Creek. It runs beside this road that leads to the Blue Ridge Parkway. You see some of the most amazing views right outside your car window. All of the shots I took standing next to the car. It’s one of the few places you go where you don’t have to hike to see some amazing scenes. When you look at these photos what do you hear?

When I look at this photo all I hear is the sound of the stream. The stream is so loud you can barely hear the person next to you. This is way better than having the sounds of the city overload your senses. There isn’t a person around you and all you see is green. When I look at these photos I am reminded of how I actually forgot about all the madness around me. Last school year was a mess. Will we or won’t we stay open? Will Covid strike my classroom? While I was here, all of that went straight to the back of my mind. Some of my favorite photo’s that I have taken have a built in soundtrack. You hear the sounds of the scene.

What I missed about camping is the noise, or should I say the lack of city noise. Here at Curtis Creek all you hear is the water rushing down the mountain. It sounds better than anything I can pull up on my Pandora playlist.

Take a look at one of your favorite photos that you have taken recently. What do you hear? Share in the comment.


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