Stop and See

I have lived in Charlotte, North Carolina for almost 10 years. There are many places that I have just driven by and not even noticed. When things went crazy last year, I had to cancel my gym membership, and I needed a new way to get exercise. I tried watching videos, but I didn’t really enjoy that. I brought my old bike out of the shed and started to ride around town. I started seeing things and places that I had never seen before. When I first started riding I went maybe a couple of miles at a time. Eventually I started riding for longer distances at time.

One thing I almost always bring with me on my bike rides is my camera. I have learned you never know what amazing things you will see. This one spot I have driven by dozens of times since moving to Charlotte. In fact this spot is on the way to my barbers and near my grandmothers house.

This tree started blooming a few days ago, and now it is completely covered in blooms. This is only one of many moments that I have captured while riding my bike in the last year.

One lesson that I have learned in the last year is that I don’t need to be busy all the time. Sometimes it is more important to slow down than it is to speed up. These bike rides have allowed me to see and appreciate more of my city in the last year than anything. Taking these photos allows me to remember just how beautiful this city is, and I can look back on it later.


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