Down the Tracks

I haven’t been on my bicycle in a few weeks. It has been hot, and I have been busy with family and work. One of my favorite places to ride is the rail trail. This is a sidewalk that runs along the light rail all the way to Uptown Charlotte. I like it because it is a pretty easy ride, and access is close to my house. I enjoy how almost every time I ride down it I have a different experience. Sometimes its filled with different types of people, and other times it is wide open. Sometimes I will stop and take photos of the different sites I see. Sometimes I will experiment with black and white in order to bring out more of the details.

I took these over in the heart of the Southend area. This spot right here is one of the busiest areas of my ride. There are several restaurants and various stores here. There is a train station close by so it is easy to get to.

I am pretty sure these tracks are not used anymore. This is one of those paths that is a little bit of a ride from my house. I usually go this way when I am feeling brave and want to go for a long ride. I am not really sure where I took these shots. I know how to get here, but I couldn’t tell you where here is.

I took these photos near one of my favorite places to ride to, First Ward Park. First Ward Park is a urban park in the heart of Charlotte. This section of the light rail was added recently. It used to be it didn’t go past this point, but a few months ago they finished the extension to it.


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