Million Dollar View

One of my favorite things to do is explore. It can somewhere I have been before, somewhere I have passed by without paying attention to, or somewhere totally new. I get my camera ready for the surprises up ahead because you never know what you will find.

On the second day of our trip last week to Northeast Georgia, we decided explore some of the small towns near us. We walked around downtown Cleveland, and checked out the different shops. We looked at the different antique shops seeing all of the neat things they had. We even found a low carb bakery. This is cool for my wife because she has had her diet focused on avoiding carbs, gluten and sugar for the last few years. It is difficult to find places that make items that follow her eating plan. On the way back from Cleveland, Georgia we saw a sign that said it had coffee tasting and a million dollar view. Those are two things that I love, so we had to check it out.

When we pulled up we saw what they meant by million dollar view. It was a beautiful scene of hills and mountains almost looked like something out of a movie or landscape painting. While it did have the view, sadly they were not doing coffee tastings on this day. It was something they only did on the weekends. Still was a pretty awesome stop, and definitely worth checking out.

Where do you go to find that “million dollar view?” Let me know in the comments.


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