That One Stop

Whenever you visit a location more than once there is always that one place you have to visit. It can be a famous landmark, a restaurant you remember for always being amazing, a place to walk that brings back memories, or a scenic drive. One place that I have to visit every time I go to Helen, GA is Fred’s Famous Peanut Stand. That’s right! Every time I go to Helen I have to stop someone that offers boiled peanuts. My family and I have always loved boiled peanuts. It must be because my wife and I grew up in Georgia, the peanut capitol of the world. This has always been something we look forward to every time we visit Helen, GA.

Some of you might not be that familiar with what boiled peanuts are. You simply take raw peanuts, place them into a large pot, add tons of salt, and boil them for hours. It takes a long time to get peanuts to cook, but when they finally do they are delicious. I think what makes Fred’s Famous Peanuts so good is the fact that the pot they used has one purpose, and that is to boil some of the best peanuts ever. I actually still have some in the fridge that I brought back to Charlotte with me because they are just that good. They have more than just boiled peanuts, and this place is worth checking out. My wife also bought me a tee-shirt, so when I run out a peanuts I can still remember how wonderful they are.

For these shots I decided to do some black and white photos. I also put the color comparisons with them so you can see the difference. I also included a shot of the mountains that you while you are at Fred’s Famous Peanuts. Just about everywhere you go in this area you will have a great view.

What is a stop you have to make when you travel to a place you have already visited?


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