Black and White Throwbacks

Every now and then I like to go back to see some old photos that I have taken and see what they would look like at black and whites. Back in the day there was no such thing as color photography, and of course have come even further than those times. I will never forget years ago my dad was trying to list a car to sell in a auto trade publication. This was way before the Craigslist days. The place told him that he needed to get black and photos of the car. In order to do that he needed to get black and white film. There was only place in town that we found had any black and white film. He bought some rolls, and then we took photos of the car. Then he tried to take the film out of the camera, and it ended up getting exposed. If film is exposed to light then all of the photos are ruined. Eventually my dad did get the film to the place and the car was sold. Today most black and white photos are either a setting on the camera or a filter added to the picture. In the case of these photos they merely have a filter added, but black and white photography has a way of adding details to a page.

I took this one at one of my favorite places to take pictures at. This is Curtis Creek. It near Old Fort, NC. The creek runs along side a road and has some of the best views that you can see right from your car. This is one of those few places where you don’t have to hike far in order to see views like this.

This shot was taking right on the Blue Ridge Parkway. This is one of the scenic roads in the United States. There are several places to park and see the mountains in North Carolina. This road is best traveled in the fall while the leaves are changing.

This shot was taken near my house. This is the light rail in Charlotte, NC. I ride my bicycle often along here. The path runs all the way to Uptown Charlotte.

This phot is of the lake at Freedom Park in Charlotte, NC. I love taking photos here. It has some of the best views in the city, and you don’t feel like you are in the city.


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