Lost on the Way

When traveling I think it is important to try and see new places. To often we visit the same places, do the same things, and see the same things. Every time I visit an area I have been before I try to find somewhere that I hadn’t see before. I love to explore and find new places. This might be because I didn’t travel that much as a child. When I did, it usually to the same places. Now I am trying to catch up on lost time by checking out new locations. In the last 5 years I have left the country twice, been to 7 new states, and even visited some places I have been before while seeing areas that I had missed.

While exploring Northeast Georgia a few weeks ago I wanted to check out some different sites that I had not seen before. So I decided to take the family on search of this waterfall. I couldn’t remember the name of it, but I knew that I had to see it. I never found the waterfall, but along the way I did find some amazing views. The drive had a very steep grade. I had to downshift my truck all the way down to 3rd gear in order to not use my brakes as much. While on this road I saw views I had never seen in Georgia before. The furthest north that I had really check out was Helen, so it was fun looking at places I had never been before.

This is actually a popular area for hikers. The trail is pretty long. The views here are amazing. I’m not really the hiker type, but I do love driving up to amazing views.


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