Finding Spots

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” – Thomas A. Edison

Finding places to photos in a new area can be tricky. Some places make it easy, but in others, you have to research it. When we visited Jordan Lake for the first time last summer the park provided us with a pretty good map of the area. I spent our first night there looking at the different landmarks and sections of the lake. I found about five areas that I thought would make a great spot to take photos. After visiting all five, three were pretty good, but the other two were busts. Sometimes you don’t know until you go.

I took these photos over at what is called “The Bald Eagle Lookout.” While I didn’t see any bald eagles, I did see these young geese. When we pulled up to the parking lot they started to walk up to our car. We continued down the path to the lookout, and the two geese continued to follow us down. Once we made it to the lookout, they stayed close by. I snapped a few photos and then headed back to the truck. As we walked back, the geese continued to follow us. We decided to pick up the pace because with geese you never know!


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