Finding Peace

“You can find peace amidst the storms that threaten you.” – Joseph B. Wirthlin

I have learned many lessons in the last year and a half. Sadly if it wasn’t for the pandemic, I am not sure if I would have ever done anything differently. One of the main lessons I learned was that I was doing too much. I very rarely was doing anything for me. I didn’t realize that my plate was overloaded. When everything shut down in March of 2020, I found that I was so stretched that I wasn’t really doing my best at that point. As things began to reopen and life was starting to get more normal, I decided some things would not be as they were before. One of the biggest changes is I decided that I wanted to do more photography throughout the week. Even if I am taking photos of some of the same parts of Charlotte, I still love getting out and capturing what I see. I have seen more of Charlotte in the last year and a half than I had in the previous 8 years I had lived here. There are some pretty cool places to explore, you just have to take the time to check them out.

I took these photos last Saturday while I was out on my bicycle. These photos are over on the Greenway near Uptown Charlotte. I decided to go a new route to Uptown last weekend. It was great to see different areas. This greenway serves two purposes. One is for everyone to have a nice area to explore nature. The second is for storm water to drain from the city. Sometimes you get an added bonus of the smell of the storm water. Last weekend it was extra smelly. In one of my photos, I had to edit out some of the trash that people had left behind. I think we all need to do a little better and make sure that we either carry our waste until we get home or find the nearest trash can. There are plenty of trash cans along the greenway. So let us do our part and keep our cities clean.


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