Familiar Places and New Spaces

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

It is always fun to visit places that you have been before. It brings back great memories, and it is cool to how things have changed since you were last there. Things always changed. Hopefully those changes are for the better. Another reason I have enjoyed visiting place I have been before is because I invested in anew camera last year. It is leaps and bounds better than my last camera. I would like to think I have also grown as a photographer in the last year. I took more photos last year than I had previously done. I have been able to learn more about lighting, posing, and understanding what needs to be in the frame in order to have a great photo. I have been visiting some old spots in order to capture some great photos. Being able to capture places better allows me to remember how amazing it is.

Last August we decided to visit the town where we went to college. After visiting the college and exploring town, we decided to check out some places where we used to live. While looking for one location we lost our direction. I thought I could handle driving around with our Google Maps because the last time I lived there I didn’t have Google Maps. I was wrong. We wandered around for a while until we came up to this spot. We got of the truck, walked around and took some photos. I had never seen this spot before. It was a pretty cool area with a great view. We talked to another family that was fishing on the shore. They said they had a pretty good day catching fish.

To me this view reminds me of something you might see on a post card. If I had left the GPS on, we would have never found the it. The trick was getting back on the main road. Since we were a little ways from town, we didn’t have a strong cell phone signal, so we couldn’t figure out how we get back. Luckily, I remember kind of how we got to the spot we were at, so I was able to retrace me steps in order to make it back.


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