A Ride in the Park

“The greatest use of a life is to spend it on something that will outlast it.” – William James

I have been trying some different bicycle routes lately. I’m not really tired of my usual route, but I like to see new places or places I haven’t seen in a while. This new route a came up with was a little more brutal than I thought it would be. On the way towards Uptown it was all uphill. It took some extra work, but I did eventually make it. In my mind they call it Uptown instead downtown because you are always going up on the way there. These weekly bike rides I take really help me clear mind and gear me up for the up coming week. It allows me just to be outside and enjoy the city. To me it is a fun way to get exercise and see new places while on the go.

This photo was taken as part of that new route. This is part of the Little Sugar Creek Greenway. I took these on a beautiful clear day. This is great place to walk, run, hang out with the family, and ride a bike of course. The best part is there are several great locations to take pictures.


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