On the Way Up

“Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.” – Blaise Pascal

Lately I have been teaching my 5th graders about empathy. This way they are more understanding of each other and for them to appreciate each other more. I reminded them the other day that we are together for the entire year, and that June is a long time from now. This is lost skill in our world today. I believe politics is one reason why we do not show each other empathy. If someone has a different opinion than we do, we should try to understand their opinion or why they have it. However, we often get angry and insult one another. My hope is that at least my 5th graders will learn better, and interact with each other better in the classroom.

I took these photos last summer while I was visiting Anna Ruby Falls. These shots were taking on the way up to the top. It’s a easy walk with paved paths and bridges. The views on the way up are amazing. I couldn’t help but to stop every few feet in order to snap the photos. Instead of 10 minute walk up, it took me about 20 because I kept taking pictures. This drives my family crazy, but they are used to it now. It is a rare opportunity to see some amazing views without having to do a long hike. Every step of the way is amazing. Anna Ruby Falls about five minutes from Helen, GA. There are some fantastic places near by. One of my favorite things to do is visit Fred’s Peanuts on the way back to Helen. If you love boiled peanuts, they have some of the best.


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