Fall Finally Made It

“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” – John Lennon

Whenever a new season season people always ask what is your favorite season. Some like to say summer because they enjoy all of the summer activities. Many like winter because of the holidays. Spring is popular because of new beginnings and flowers blooming. Fall gets loves because of the cooler temperatures and the obsession with all things pumpkin related. For me I am a fan of each season for a different reason. I like this time of the year because of the cooler weather, but I love summer because I usually enjoy the two months off. I think it’s okay to like each season for a different reason, and to look forward to the change that comes with it.

Fall is here in Charlotte. The weather is cooler and the leaves are changing. I saw the change first hand when I went to ride my bicycle yesterday. I took these photos are a park near Uptown Charlotte. I wore shorts and t-shirt because that is what I usually wear, but it was a cool start to my ride. I had to pedal harder in order to warm up a little bit. It was a great ride, and I took some great photos of the leaves changing.


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