Downtown by the Track

“A promise must never be broken.’ – Alexander Hamilton

Our trip to go apple picking had two unexpected finds. The first was when we visited McGalliard Falls. Finding cool waterfalls can be tricky, but finding ones that are easy to get to can be almost impossible. These Falls where a short walk away from the car, and had some amazing scenes with the fall leaves. The next unexpected find was downtown Hickory, North Carolina. I had not been to Hickory in years. There was a seafood restaurant that we would go to sometimes on the way back to Charlotte from the mountains. On this trip we brought a picnic lunch. We started packing lunches for trips a couple of years ago. We found that it was cheaper, and we saved time. Sometimes when you eat out it takes time away from having fun, so we would rather check out things as opposed to just sitting at a restaurant for hours. Packing a meal comes in real handy when we are towing our travel trailer because finding a place to park can be difficult, and it is easy to pull up at a rest stop. It was time to eat when we can to Hickory, and we drove around a little bit following the signs to downtown. I found this area with no Google Maps. When we pulled up we found a very nice redone downtown with a cool park to each lunch at. The weather was perfect, and it was a nice break from the car. We ate lunch, walked around, and then headed back home.

I took these photos are places around downtown. To me photos of railroad tracks looks cooler in black and white. Keep scrolling and you will see some photos of Hickory’s downtown area. If you are driving by Hickory, take a moment and check out there downtown area. It is worth it.


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