A View From the Top

“Miracles do not, in fact, break the laws of nature.” – C. S. Lewis

Finding great views is the quest of any amateur landscape photographer. It wasn’t hard to find any when we visited Tallulah Gorge last summer. This beautiful place is located near the town of Clayton, GA. We stopped at this lookout location on the way to the state park. This lookout is located near a Georgia Power station. The road to the lookout makes you feel like you are lost for a bit. When you come up to the end of the loop, you see this amazing view of the gorge. In one of my shots, you can see the swinging bridge my son and I walked on later when we walked down to the bottom of the gorge.

This was an area my wife and I had visited many times. We pulled up to this old tourist spot that had a great view of the gorge. We would stop there, buy a coke in a glass bottle, and enjoy the view together. Unfortunately, it was closed. It looked they might have been struggling before the pandemic started, and in the end, they couldn’t make it. We headed over to the state park and went to enjoy some of the great views there.


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