The Covered Bridge – Throwback Thursday

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” – Jim Rohn

Every Thursday morning I look back at some old photos that I have taken over the years. Looking back gives me the opportunity to relive the memories. That is the reason I took up photography in the first place was to capture the memories for me and others be able to remember them. I bought my #nikond3200 right before I went on our first cruise back in 2017. Most of the time I take photos for me to remember, but I do enjoy sharing the good ones.

I took this shot back in 2018 when the family and I visited Asheboro, North Carolina. We were checking out the zoo there. We did take a day to explore the area. We checked out this covered bridge one morning. It had rained most of the week. That’s why the water is so muddy. We took some photos and started to head back. One thing I remember is this wasp didn’t like me and decided to sting me on the way back. All I remember at that wasp is it hurt. Other than that it was a pretty cool cool place to visit.


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