The Season Is Coming

When it comes to Christmas decorating and listening to Christmas music, I am one of those people who do not start until after Thanksgiving. My wife on the other hand has everything up and ready by November 2nd. I like waiting for the Christmas season to start because I really like Thanksgiving. To me it is such a low hustle holiday and easy holiday. You have only two expectations, cooking and eating. With Christmas you have gifts, Easter you have other events, and other holidays there are typically more responsibilities. With Thanksgiving, to do it right you have to make sure you have a good turkey on the table with other great sides. Every year I prepare a fried turkey. It is delicious. It only takes about an hour to cook an entire turkey from start to finish. This year I am going to smoke a turkey to. I bought a pellet grill last summer, and I want to see how well it can do a turkey.

I took this photo two years ago at @carowinds . It is a theme park close to our house. They decorate the park every year at Christmas. We are heading there for the first time this Saturday. It should be a fun experience. It might be a little early for Christmas lights for me, but it still should be a fun time getting in the holiday mood.


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  1. Here in Canada, we mark Thanksgiving in early October. Most folks don’t start Christmas things until after November 11th, Remembrance Day. Personally, I grew up with Christmas things starting around the second week of December, and I’ve kept it that way. When my kids were small, the tree went up Christmas Eve, after they went to bed. Now I bring the tree in the house on Winter Solstice. The lights go on, but the decorations don’t go on until December 22nd. The more businesses push the start date to Christmas earlier and earlier, the more I lay back, and do less. I like it quiet, simple, no hustle.


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