Worth the Walk

“A waterfall is concerned only with being itself, not with doing something it considers waterfall-like.”
– Vernon Howard

Finding a great waterfall can be tricky. Some are super easy to get to. Others, you have to either hike forever, drive off road, or wonder forever in order to find it. However, there are some waterfalls out there that are easy to get to and have spectacular views. Two that are easy to get to are Toccoa Falls and Anna Ruby Falls. Toccoa Falls is located near the town of Toccoa, GA. You park just about at the base of the falls, and you only have to pay a small fee in order to get through the gate. Toccoa Falls College is also my Alma Mater, and I get to go to the falls for free. I guess that is the least they can do since I paid several thousand dollars in tuition. You can check out the posts I did about Toccoa Falls below.

The other waterfall that is easy to get to is Anna Ruby Falls. It is located near Helen, Georgia. Helen is a fun German theme town in the North Georgia mountains. My family and I have visited Helen several times through out the years. My wife and I visited there dozens of times while we were dating. We have taken the kids camping there a few times as well. We always have a great time checking out the shops and having delicious German food.

The walk to the falls is not to bad. The road is paved. The best part is the entire walk up is an amazing view. I had my camera out the entire time taking pictures of everything I saw. My family started to get a little annoyed with me because I was taking forever to get to the top. The view at the top is incredible. It is hard to capture all of the falls at once. Hopefully these photos will give you a sense of how amazing of a scene this is.


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