Winter Sunset – 2021 Black and White Throwback

“Black and white can transform a scene into something magical.” – Rob Sheppard

What a year this has been? Somethings from 2020 seem like they are never ending, but there have been some major improvements in the last year. The year started for me with the continued frustration of teaching of Zoom. I am a fifth grade teacher in Uptown Charlotte. Teaching over Zoom was one of the most frustrating things of my teaching career. It didn’t matter how hard I tried, teaching over Zoom was never successful. Some students do okay with it, but there is not replacing the in classroom experience. Now I am trying to help students recover from all of the learning disruptions from last school year, and many of them are doing quite well. Most kids are happy to be back in school. In fact, from what my students parents tell me, their kids wake up excited to go to school every morning. While being back isn’t 100% normal yet, everyone still has to wear a mask everyday, and there is some social distancing in the classroom. However, it is still way better than last year.

I took these photos last winter when we traveled for Fripp Island to stay with family during the holidays. Fripp Island is located off the coast of South Carolina near Beaufort. It is a pretty awesome island. Tons of wildlife (even in winter), beautiful beaches, and it wasn’t too crowded. I took this photo over at the southern tip of the island. The sunset was perfect that evening. One thing I love about this shot in black and white is how you can see the details at where the light is surrounding the house with mist around it. This is one of my favorite photos I took last year. I try to take advantage when I am near a large body of water. I have seen and captured some of the best sunsets and sunrises there.


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