An Easy Hike to the Falls – Black and White Throwback 2021

“For black and white landscapes I concentrate on the graphic elements of a scene, and the nature of the environment, whether it is stormy or tranquil.” – Antonia Deutsch

One thing I loved about 2021 is that I was able to see some amazing waterfalls last year. It gave me an opportunity to photograph one of favorite scenes in nature. I have always been fascinated with waterfalls. The sight of the water coming down draws me in. The sound of it drowns out all of the outside world. When I look at an amazing waterfall, I fell like I am in a completely different world. I saw some pretty amazing waterfalls this year. I went to Toccoa Falls, McGallaird Falls, and one of my favorites was Anna Ruby Falls.

I love looking for amazing waterfalls. Some are easier to get to than others. My family and I went to one that said only a mile hike. I thought that since I walk miles at school every day this would be no problem. There clearly is a difference a school mile and a mountain mile. It was a long walk to that set of falls. However, the walk to Anna Ruby Falls is a lot easier. It is a paved path in the shade. The temperatures on the way to the falls about about 10 degrees cooler than the town of Helen, Georgia below. It is a nice place to walk during the summer where you can get a break from the normal hot temperatures.

The view of the falls is amazing, but the views on the way are pretty awesome as well. The stream that flows from the falls has some great scenes. My family would get a little annoyed with me because I would stop every few minutes to take pictures. I’m pretty sure I took almost a hundred photos at Anna Ruby Falls. That is because there was so many shots that had to be captured. Even over by the picnic area was amazing. It was beautiful area right by the stream. It was a great place to just chill and listen to the water go by.

Below are my other posts from Anna Ruby Falls if you want to see more photos of it.


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