The Spot – Black and White Throwback 2021

“Landscapes are a classic way of using black and white and can give you a very elegant look at nature.” – Rob Sheppard

I would like to think that every photographer has that spot. You know, the one spot that they go to in order to take amazing pictures no matter the season or time of the day. The one spot that even though it might look the same to someone else, it looks different to you every time. That one spot that you see how the details are different while they only appear to small. It’s also that one spot that is easy to get to and not to hard to arrive at.

For me that spot is Marshall Park in Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina. I must have ridden my bike here a dozen times over the course of the last year. It is a pretty easy ride for me with a great payoff. If the sun was out, the buildings would cast a perfect reflection on the water, and the lens would capture every detail. The scene would change with every season. From the bright greens of spring to the shades of red and brown in the fall. I would see something different every time. I’m sure most of my shots of Marshall Park look the same to most people, but to me everyone represents a great ride to Uptown with some amazing photos to show.

Below are a few of my previous posts about Marshall Park.


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