Down by the Track – Black and White Throwback 2021

β€œIn black and white, there are more colors than color photography, because you are not blocked by any colors so you can use your experiences, your knowledge, and your fantasy, to put colors into black and white.” – Anders Petersen

Back in 2020 when I took photos it would take me a while to edit them. I had an older laptop that took forever to load up. Often I would cut it on, and then leave it for at least a half an hour before I started to do anything with it. Usually I would take pictures and wait several weeks in order to edit them. I had to make sure I had enough time to do all of them in one setting. I also could not edit in a .raw file format because my computer would take too long to process it. Last January, I had enough money saved in order to buy a new laptop. I decided to buy a Microsoft Surface Pro. I chose it because it had a touchscreen, great processing power, and it is very lightweight. My last laptop was huge, and it was hard to take it anywhere. While I liked having a big screen, it was just too much to take with me. I can bring my Surface with me when we go camping, and I can work on the photos I take while we are there. I am now able to edit multiple files at once easily, and I don’t have to wait forever for my computer to load up.

It’s hard to know what to photography on cloudy days. Sometimes I try to hope for the best, and the lighting is so poor there is not way I can edit it to look better. Natural light can be your best friend while taking photos. One thing I notice that looks great even when it is cloudy is railroad tracks. Most times I ride on what is called the Rail Trail in Charlotte. It is a walking and bike riding trail that runs along the light rail that leads to Uptown Charlotte. Railroad tracks are fascinating to me because it seems like they go on forever. I take advantage when the weather doesn’t cooperate and try to photograph what I can in order to have constant practice. What do you like to photograph when there is little to no sunlight outside?

Here are some previous posts I wrote about railroad tracks.


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