Walk Through the Year

“Seek the lofty by reading, hearing and seeing great work at some moment every day.” – Thornton Wilder

As the new year begins, I start to set goals for myself for this year. I have couple different areas I want to to focus on this year. The first is my health. Last year I went to the doctor I had some issues I needed to address. I changed my diet and started to be more proactive. This year I want to add more exercise to the mix. While I would prefer to ride my bike everyday, it’s not feasible. I plan on added some exercise in the mornings. I plan on focusing on photography more. I plan on reading and learning about new ways I can capture great moments. Finally I want to travel more this year. Nothing big, just I want to get out a little bit more.

This moment here was actually pretty easy to capture. I took these shots of Anna Ruby Falls the last time I visited. This shots were taken on the way up to the falls. The walk up is amazing. All you hear is the stream going by and of course the closer you get to the falls the louder it gets.


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