That Peaceful Spot

“When you do the right thing, you get the feeling of peace and serenity associated with it. Do it again and again.” – Roy T. Bennett

Recently I have been looking into writing prompts in order to improve what I share. It’s not that I am running out of ideas, I want to make sure that I am focusing on different parts of my life journey that I share. I think often times it is tempting to focus on one thing, and we unintentionally ignore other parts of life. My goal is to keep my writing fresh and to cause me to reflect on different aspects of life. I primarily write for me. Being creative is a great way to expand and growth the mind. That’s I love photography so much. It’s my creative outlet. Writing about life allows me to reflect and appreciate everything that I have.

My prompt for today that I am using asks me, what place makes me feel peaceful? At first my mind tried to find somewhere close to home. I do have places at home that allow me to feel at rest. One of the places I feel the most peace is at my house. Before I go to work in the morning, I have about an hour to myself. I have already put the kids on the bus, and my wife has left for work. During that hour is when I drink my coffee, write, and get ready for the day. The only thing I hear is the music I am playing. I typically play instrumental jazz. The first thing I smell in the morning is my coffee because I always have a cup ready right when I get out of the bed. I feel the old chair I sit in while I am getting my thoughts together. I taste my coffee as it has started to cool off from being hot earlier. Then usually see my laptop screen in front of me because I typically do most of my writing in the morning. This time in the morning helps me get my focus right for the day.

Another place that I feel at peace at is hanging out at Anna Ruby Falls near Helen, Georgia. All you hear is the waterfalls crashing to the ground. The closer you get the louder it gets. All you see is the green of the trees, and the stream flowing from the falls. I taste all of the moister in the air. I feel my camera in my hands, as I push down the cool, metal button down over and over again because every part of the trail up is more beautiful than the previous part. The best way to describe how the air smells is to say that it smells very clean. It smells nothing like the streams in Charlotte where I live. It’s a very peaceful place that I can visit again and again and again.

These shots I took on the way to the top of the falls. It’s an easy walk up the paved path. The closer you get to the top, the more beautiful it gets.


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