That’s Why They Are Smokey

“Either you run the day or the day runs you.” – Jim Rohn

I like that quote. So much truth is spoken in only 10 words. I have been reflecting a lot lately on how easy it is to allow one moment to ruin a day, or for one day to ruin a week. It is easy to get caught up in the negative things that happen within a week. One thing I have started to do often during the day is to list all of the wins I had in my mind. It could be a student for the first time learned a skill they had been working on for weeks, it could be the class understands a difficult concept in science or it could be something as simple as all of my students were on task that day. I have been trying to remember my long-term goals, while looking at how various parts of my goal get me there. I can’t see beyond the present moment. I can focus on that present moment looking for the victories I have achieved that day.

If you ever have wondered why they call them the Great Smokey Mountains, the answer is in these shots I took last December. While we were on vacation in Gatlinburg, Tennessee we had some days with great weather and other days we had some rain. After one of the larger rain storms, we experienced that week, a massive amount of fog settled in to our area the following day. I had taken photos here the day before, and I could see clearly across the mountain, and now I can barely see ten feet ahead of me. It stood out here for a while just checking out how much the fog had changed the landscape from the previous day. It allowed me to focus on what was directly in front of me because I couldn’t see past it. I tried to capture this moment the best I could. This was the first time I had ever taken pictures of this kind of fog in the area.

Below is the post I made about the shots I had taken the previous day.

Didn’t Have to Go Far

However, this great view, I didn’t have to drive far to capture. I actually didn’t have to drive far at all. I walked a few minutes away from the cabin we were staying at, and this was the view I found. It was absolutely amazing.


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