The Wife Said Check This Out

“Every failure is a step to success.” – William Whewell

When we go on vacation my wife indulges me on my photography adventures. I know it’s not her favorite thing in the world to go drive and watch me snap pictures of every great view or sight I come across. However, she does it anyways. I guess that’s when you know someone loves you, they put up with your all of your quirky habits.

Last December, we spent the week in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I have just walked over to where the view of the mountains was, and I was snapping photos of how the fog had just taken over the entire area. I hung out there for a while, and my wide told me we should drive down the mountain to check out some stuff. She brought me to a stream on the side of the road. It had been raining most of the previous day, and this little stream was flowing. There were some beautiful views that I was able to take photos. It always amazes how some of my favorite photos I take are of somewhere close to where I live, or where I am staying at.


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