Sunset Over the Gulf of Mexico – Throwback Thursday

“What is art but a way of seeing?” – Saul Bellow

Why do I tell stories with my Instagram and other social posts? I do it more for me than I do for others. It allows me to reflect and remember what was happening when I took the posted photos. One thing I noticed a lot about Instagram is many users do not share what was happening when they took the photos. Typically, it’s one sentence and a bunch of hashtags. I understand everyone isn’t fond of writing, but I think the world would benefit from learning more about where they are when they took the photo. Too often we look for instant gratification and take little time to reflect. I know for me personally writing makes a better person. Writing about the pictures I take makes helps we remember the amazing experiences I had when I took the photo.

I took this photo back in 2019 when I went on my last cruise. I miss cruising. We tried to go on a trip last winter break, but it ended up being cancelled. We thought about trying to try again, but with the pandemic still a thing, we thought it would be best to wait until things calm down. One thing I love about cruising is sunsets. Most evenings I would take a camera and cup of coffee to watch the sunset.

I want to encourage my fellow social media photographers to share more about your experiences. I know I enjoy reading them, and I love learning about new places. While I want to see more of the world, sometimes the best I can do at the moment is check out what others are doing. Please share more than just some hashtags. Write a couple of sentences. Tell the world more about your awesome experiences. You would be surprised at how many people will be excited to hear more from you.


4 replies to “Sunset Over the Gulf of Mexico – Throwback Thursday

  1. That was one of the reasons I started my blog because I loved the long form of writing and sharing my pictures as well. Our images may be just a passing glance by some but for us they represent special memories and insights into our human experience. Our words enhance add a deeper meaning to what we are seeing and feeling.


      1. My blog started out as a bit of a journal for my city friends. But now I want to extend myself a bit more. But I do love the fact that my friends enjoy my photos and stories especially during lockdown. When I go back five years to when I started, I am surprised what changes there has been to our normal lives.


  2. I like blogging for the same reasons you mention. It is an archive for my latest works going back to 2009. I can look back and see where I was, what I was doing and then go on from there. Pretty sunset images!


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