Lost in the Mist

“Treasure your relationships, not your possessions.” – Anthony J. D’Angelo

Change is something that I am not a fond of. I have always been a fan of consistency. Whenever there is a schedule change at work, I am not a fan. I prefer everything to happen the same way every day. I typically eat the same thing for lunch every day. I usually have a smoked chicken wrap with spicy mayo. While I would prefer everything to stay the same, the truth is change is inevitable. Things always change. While I would prefer everything to stay the same from day to day, I still have to be ready for whatever is thrown my way. Change is a good thing. I point to many changes in my life that have been positive. I made several changes to my eating habits last year after I visited the doctor. I gave up many of the processed foods I used to eat, and I switched it out for fresh foods. While change can be annoying, change can also be an opportunity.

I took these photos in Tennessee during my last winter break. There is a good reason why they call that area the Smoky Mountains. It had been raining a lot the day before, and fog had settled in the area. Just a couple days before I took photos over at this same spot, and it was super clear. Now you can barely see past 20 feet away. It was amazing how the fog changed the entire landscape. This was one of my first times taking photos of dense fog like this. Hopefully I will be able to practice more next time I am somewhere that has this kind of dense fog.

Below are the photos I took the day before. You can tell have the fog completely changed the look of the area.


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