It’s Been a While

“There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt.” – Erma Bombeck

Not long ago I was not able to do my daily morning writings. Unfortunately, life just sometimes takes over. I prefer to write first thing in the morning. My mind is typically the freshest, and my mind is typically filled with ideas. Most mornings for me involve me taking my kids to the bus at 6:30, then my wife leaving shortly after for work, and then I typically do not have to leave until around 8. I take that time to enjoy a cup of coffee while I look over some photos, I took in order to reflect on the experience of taking them. Last week, however, things did not go according to plan. Wednesday, I had an early staff meeting, and that took away my writing time. I knew that was coming. Thursday and Friday, my kids’ bus was way off in picking them up. One morning it was super early, and the other morning it was super late. I didn’t realize how much I missed writing, but I am happy to have some time to do it again. Photography and writing are the ways that I am able to be creative. I primarily do it for me, but I do enjoy sharing with the rest of the world.

I took these photos last summer at Freedom Park in Charlotte, N.C. This is one of my favorite parks to visit. It is filled with great views, ball fields, and some awesome places to hang out at. I typically ride my bicycle here from the Rail Trail. Getting here is easy because it is all downhill. Getting back home is a challenge because it is straight up. I have found a different route that takes me through Uptown that isn’t so bad.


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