Wasting Time

“The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” – Bertrand Russell

If you read the blogs and listen to the podcast of certain popular motivation speakers, they will tell you that time is something you cannot waste. Time is limited they say, and it can easily slip away. It is true that time is valuable, but how you use that value is important. I like the quote above because it reminds me that if I am wasting time doing something I want to do, it is a good thing. I used to tell myself that if I was not productive then it was a wasted day. Now that “wasted time” is used for either photography, writing, or rest. These are things I enjoy and need. Don’t feel guilty about rest or hobbies. Enjoy them. It is because of them you enjoy life, and it makes you more productive in the other parts of your life.

I took these photos while wasting some time near Gatlinburg, Tennessee. My wife showed me a stream that was flowing pretty good because of all of the rain the night before. You wouldn’t think that you would find a stream this awesome, but in the mountains, everything has a potential for beauty.


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