I Took a Sick Day

“It’s about working hard, resting when you need to, leading a healthy life, and having a support structure around you. These factors help you improve.” – Adama Traore

Yesterday, I did something that I haven’t done in a long time, take a sick day. This school year I took one day early in the year to go to the doctor. Yesterday I was not really feeling good. I lost my voice the other day. My fellow educators out there know that when you cannot use your teacher voice, you are in trouble. I decided yesterday afternoon that I needed to take the day off. I very rarely take sick days. In fact, I cannot remember that last time I took a sick day because I was sick. I looked at my leave balance and saw that I have almost 75 sick days. I think I can afford to take one. I am feeling better today. My principal was very supportive of me taking the day off. She knew I needed a break. My voice sounds a lot better, but I believe a day of rest will do me some good. My plans yesterday involved the couch, hot tea, water, and some movies. This way I can rest up, and then I will be ready to return tomorrow.

I am super excited to share with everyone these photos I took last weekend. The trees have started to bloom here in Charlotte, and they are looking better than ever. I used the “new to me” camera lens that my wife bought me a few weeks ago and a polarized filter. This is one of my favorite times of the year to take pictures. Landscapes completely change and look amazing. If I’m feeling better this weekend, I might head out and take more photos. I took these photos on the path that runs by the light rail that leads to Uptown Charlotte.


One reply to “I Took a Sick Day

  1. They are beautiful blossoms! I am envious; I am in Atlantic Canada, and we are still in the thick of snow. A few more months before we get flowers. Glad you are taking a sick day. Be well!


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