Preparing for That Great Photo

“Most people have the will to win, few have the will to prepare to win.” – Bobby Knight

Most people think that when it comes to taking great photos it just happens. The idea of photography has changed with improved cameras on smart phones. I have had some photos that have just happened, but most of the work and time it took is often overlooked. While most photos are taken in about 1 second or less, there is more to taking a great photo than just clicking the button. Even while in the moment, it takes multiple attempts, different angles, multiple visits in order to get it right. Some of the best photos I have taken in my hometown of Charlotte, N.C. are ones that I have visited several times. It takes practice to get it right. You have to train your eye to know what would look good, and where to frame it up at. After the shot is taken, you also have to take the time and process it. Getting that great shot takes time, practice, and experience in order to get it right.

I took these photos the other day while I was riding my bike around Uptown Charlotte. Romare Bearden Park is a location I have visited a few times. It has a water feature, large field, and a variety of blooming plants right now. This tree is one of the last few that still has blooms on it. Most of the blooms have fallen off, but there are still a few around town. This was my first time going out to take pictures in over three weeks. I had been battling a nasty cold, and the weather hasn’t been cooperating. We have had lots of rain over the last few weeks. However, last weekend was amazing, and I was glad to get out and enjoy it.


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