I’m Back

“You exist only in what you do.” – Federico Fellini

Here is a quick life update. I had not been out with my bicycle and camera for three weeks. Last Saturday was the first time I had been out all month. A couple of weeks ago I came down with a nasty cold, and I decided to take it easy until I recovered. At one point I lost my voice at work. That is something I do not wish on any teacher. I started feeling better, but the weather kept me inside and errands kept me busy. The weather was perfect last Saturday, so I had to get out. I rode all over Uptown Charlotte. I rode to Romare Bearden Park, Fourth Ward Park, First Ward Park, and Marshall Park. I think I hit every major public park in Uptown. It was a great ride. It felt good to be outdoors again. It took almost 60 pictures on this trip. I am glad I was able to get some good photos because I was running out of pictures to post. Now I think I am going to have plenty of new content for a few days.

These shots were taken at Romare Bearden Park. If you watch any NFL games or other major sporting events in Charlotte, this is one of the spots they use to show off places in the town. The water feature here is pretty cool. The lights change color, but you really only notice them at night. I really liked this angle because you can see some of Uptown Charlotte in the background. I did slow shutter speed shots here, and I will share those soon. You can tell how perfect the day was last Saturday. Now that spring is here, hopefully this good weather will keep up, and I will be able to enjoy it more soon.


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