Why Not the Phone?

“Art will never be able to exist without nature.” – Pierre Bonnard

I have two cameras. My primary camera is my Nikon D7500. Most of the photos I post are taken with it. I bought it back in 2020. I had saved up for a while, and I found a really great deal on eBay. Some of my favorite photos were taken with that camera. My other camera is on my phone. I recently bought a Samsung S22 Ultra. The camera on it is actually pretty good. Can it do all the things my Nikon can do? No, but it takes really good pictures. I actually love the video camera on it. It’s nice having a good camera with me because sometimes there will be a moment I want to capture, and my camera bag is at the house. You can’t hate the phone camera just because it isn’t like an old-school camera.

I took these photos last weekend while I was riding my bike around Uptown Charlotte. It was a beautiful weekend. I hadn’t been out in a few weeks, and I was glad to enjoy some time in nature. I had my camera with me, but I want to take photos at the moment so I could post them on my Instagram Stories. These photos were taken at four of the parks around Uptown.


3 replies to “Why Not the Phone?

  1. Phone cameras can actually do more than most people know. They actually can do almost everything your Nikon can do if you have a good one. I actually take all of my photos on my iPhone 12.


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