Best Sunrise Ever – Throwback Thursday

“The only sure weapon against bad ideas is better ideas.” – Alfred Whitney Griswold

While looking through my photos that I took back in 2020, I realized I didn’t really take that many pictures. During the winter of 2020 before everything happened, I was super busy. Then March 2020 happened and everything shut down. We stayed home for a while, and eventually I started riding my bike again to get some exercise. Eventually I started bringing my camera with me too, and I was able to take pictures of Charlotte. In the beginning, I didn’t go very far, but eventually I made my way to Uptown Charlotte. Later that year we took a couple of trips to get out of town for a little. We took a drive to the mountains, and during Christmas we spent the week on Fripp Island in South Carolina. I didn’t have a lot of photos at the start of the year, but later in the year I had way more.

While I didn’t take a lot of photos back in 2020, I did take some of my favorite photos every. I took these shots on the morning of the last day we were at Fripp Island. I woke up early enough to catch the sunrise that morning. The house we were staying at was super close to the beach. I grabbed my camera and walked over. I did not expect the scene I would see during this sunrise. The sky was filled with so many different colors it is hard to describe. This was my favorite photography moment of 2020.


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