“A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and a man cannot live without love.” – Max Muller

It’s good to have hobbies. We need to be doing activities in our lives that involve something other than work. As a elementary school teacher it is easy to be consumed by work. I could easily stay up all hours of the night doing things for work. While I used to do that, I found out that it didn’t really do me that much good staying up all night. I would be exhausted while teaching, and I wasn’t at my best. I found out that working all the time didn’t do me any good, and I needed to spend some of my time doing non-work-related things for me. My main hobby is photography. I try to go out and practice around Charlotte on the weekends. I try to read as often as possible. Of course, I love writing. Photography and writing are the two ways that I express myself.

Another hobby that I have is I love to work out in my yard. Last year I planted a vegetable garden for the first time. I have been trying to improve the look of my front yard. This time of the year is great because my Azelea’s and other things I have planted are blooming right now. I love being outside. I enjoy working in the yard, and seeing the results of what I have planted. Hopefully later this summer I will have some produce, and I will see more flowers blooming in the yard as well.

I took these photos with my phone. I used to not post photos that I took with my phone. I was looking through my reel, and I noticed that I have some pretty awesome photos on it. I figured why not show it off. My phone is a Samsung S22 Ultra. It has a pretty awesome camera on it, and it takes great photos.


3 replies to “Blooms

  1. I take ALL my photos on my phone and I use that as part of my “trademark”. These newer phones have amazing cameras and you can get lots of accessories for them so you can do more. My only issue with my phone is that I haven’t been able to find a good telephoto lens for bird photography. I know that some “real photographers” scoff at using a phone, but I also see more and more of them beginning to use them too! So keep posting those phone photos if you like them!!!

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    1. My current takes okay distance shots, but nothing like a true telephoto lens. I have been pretty impressed with the quality of photo I can get with my phone.


  2. A wonderful splash of colour on a grey morning in my part of the world! I still love my DSLR. When I use my phone I usually take crappy pictures. Having the weight of a camera in my hand makes its easier for me to balance. But there are other skills to photography as well! Thanks for sharing.

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