Ask Questions

“Curiosity is like a muscle. If you don’t use it, or exercise it, it atrophies. Start using it, and it becomes stronger.” – Steven Bleistein

How often do you ask questions? By questions I don’t mean when ask the barista at Starbucks if they have heavy whipping cream in stock for your drink. When was the last time you asked a question about something that you didn’t know the answer to, and it was something that you had not thought of before? As an elementary school teacher, I answer questions all the time, from the mundane to the deep. One thing I have enjoyed about the group I teach this year is that they ask great questions. There have been many lessons this year where I have spent the entire class just answering questions about the content we are currently looking at. Many of these questions have provoked a deeper understanding of what we are currently studying. This school year I learned the importance of asking good questions, but having students ask strong questions. In life we should always ask questions, and strive to learn more. The more we ask, the more understanding we have.

I took these photos back on spring break while we were camping in Golden Valley, North Carolina. These shots were of the creek that ran by our campsite. I was curious where the creek went to, so I followed it a little bit. Next time I do this I will wear some long pants because the path goes away pretty quickly.


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