The Right Time

“Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.” – Voltaire

I hear people say all the time, “it feels like everyone is in a rush.” I think it has been this way for a while. If you want to blame anything, blame the invention of the microwave, I guess. What concerns me isn’t that we are in a rush to go places, but that we are in a rush to see problems solved. We see issues around us, and think they have to be fixed right away. If it isn’t then we lash out to people in charge, or just give up hope that it will ever be different. I see this in the school system all the time. There are issues, but no one is willing to take the time it takes to solve anything. We propose solutions, but are unwilling to see them through if the issues don’t fix itself right away. Things take time. This is true in society, and true in our own personal lives. I tell my fifth graders all the time that being successful in school takes time. If you want to see things in your life improve, it takes time. You have to take the time to do it.

I took these photos while we were staying in Golden Valley, North Carolina. These shots were captured during what they call the “blue hour.” It was just after sunset and right before dark. I used a low shutter speed to capture the effect. A shot like this isn’t just snapped. It took time and patience in order to pull it off.

What is an example of an area in your life that took time in order to improve?


5 replies to “The Right Time

  1. “I tell my fifth graders all the time that being successful in school takes time.”

    Hopefully your students will remember this invaluable aspect of reality. Realising it’s unsolicited, I’d advise amending it to remove ‘in school’ and just leave it at ‘being successful takes time’.


  2. Good photos in the blue hour. The constant hurry is only accelerated by modern technology. Mail replace by fax and then by E-mail & DM. We used to wait 2 weeks for our answer, but now want it in 2 minutes. We all need to take time to slow down. If we do not have to wait or work for things, we do not appreciate their value. Cheers. Allan

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