“Before we seek abundance, we must learn to give abundance.” – K.L. Smith

The main lesson the pandemic taught me is that time is very important. Before the pandemic I was going all over the place. It felt like I was always going and never stopping. When the pandemic started back in 2020, I had to stop at that point because everything had shut down. At first it was a lot to lose, but in the end, I realized there was a benefit. I rarely took time for myself, and rarely did any hobbies for me. When things started to open up again, I realized there needed to rethink what I was doing before. I didn’t jump back into everything I was doing before. In fact, there are still activities I haven’t gone back to yet. However, I have hobbies and activities now that I do often because I enjoy them. One activity of course is photography. I try to go out at least once a week and take photos of the city I live in. I also ride my bike, write and garden. There were things I didn’t do before the pandemic that I do often now because I prioritize my time.

I took these photos back on spring break while we were visiting Golden Valley, North Carolina. Just like I do here in Charlotte I take the time and walk around to photograph my surroundings. Some of these shots were taken from the road where we were camping at. The photos of the stream were taken right by where we were camping. I could hear it when I woke up first thing in the morning.

What are some positive changes you have made in your life since the pandemic started?


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