How Do You Get More?

“The greater our knowledge increases the more our ignorance unfolds.” – John F. Kennedy

Ignorance seems to be a growing problem in our society today. The more I read about different things happening in the world around us, I see that the number one problem is ignorance. What is sad about ignorance is that various people in power use the ignorance of others to their advantage. How do we counter act ignorance? First is to be informed. However, be careful where you get your information. Make sure you are reading diverse sources from various perspectives. If you only read from people who think only like yourself, then you will miss out on diverse perspectives that will open yourself up to new ideas and concepts. Second, dedicate yourself to being a lifelong learner. I do this in various ways. I read about history, watch shows about various topics, and learn new skills on YouTube and different sites. My focus right now is learning new tricks in photography and photo editing. And finally, be willing to be wrong. No idea is perfect and no one person knows everything perfectly.

What I love about these photos I have posted is that they show different perspectives of one of my favorite parks to visit in Charlotte, Freedom Park. This is one of my favorite spots to ride my bike too. I took these photos last fall. There was no wind that day, so the reflections in the water came out perfectly in a lot of these photos.


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