Use What You Know

“Genius ain’t anything more than elegant common sense.” – Josh Billings

The book of Proverbs in the Bible calls wisdom more valuable than gold. What is wisdom? The basic definition is applying the knowledge you have. Of course, wisdom can happen in many parts of life, but my focus for this post is wisdom in photography. I have always loved taking pictures. For years I couldn’t afford a good DSLR because they are pretty expensive. Back in 2017 we were going on a cruise during Christmas, and I decided to buy my first camera. I look back at those first photos I took, and I have mixed feelings about many of them. Some of them turned out great, and I think that was more luck that anything. The others I look at cause me to cringe a little. From being over or under exposed to I have no idea what I was taking a picture of at the time. Over the last few years, I have been reading blogs and books, watching YouTube videos, and looking at different Instagram posts in order to learn more. However, it doesn’t matter how much I learn about photography if I don’t apply for any of it. I have been trying over the last couple of years to practice more and apply the new tricks I have learned while out taking photos. My goal is to be a wise photographer.

Finding amazing waterfalls can be tricky. Some are easy to get to, and others can have a massive hike before you can even get close to it. I try to check out the ones that are easy to get to. The main reason is because my family are not big fans of log hikes. Lucky for me Linville Falls is easy to get to. To see the upper falls, you only have to walk down a gravel path for a mile and a half. The short walk is worth it.

What some great waterfalls that you love to check out?


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