Favorite Fall Photos – Throwback Thursday

“Many a trip continues long after movement in time and space have ceased.” – John Steinbeck

I took a lot of photos last fall. There are two times of the year when it is my favorite time to take photos, early spring and fall. I love taking photos in early spring because all of the trees are starting to bloom again. There will be rows of trees in Charlotte covered in pink and white. I love fall for obvious reasons. The trees are changing colors. The landscape is completely different. All of the reds, browns and oranges blend together so well in order to create a completely new scene in some of the parts of town that I visit often. I went through the photos I took last fall and pulled out some of my favorites.

I took this photo on bike path near Uptown Charlotte. These tracks run parallel to the path.

I took these photos in Latta Park in Charlotte. The leaves had just started changing recently because you can still see the green on most of the trees. This is the park I usually ride through on my way to the Little Sugar Creek Greenway. I could take the main road there, but this way offers better scenery.

I took this shot at Latta Park as well. I was fascinated with the blend of the changing leaves with the green leaves.

I took this photo at the bike path near Freedom Park. This path runs right through the entire park. When I ride this path, I always have that feeling that I am no longer inside the city. It’s a nice peaceful escape.

I took this photo in downtown Hickory, North Carolina. We had just finished eating a picnic lunch in the park, and we were walking around the downtown area. These tracks run right through the heart of downtown. This to me shows how the railroad played a huge part in this town’s development.

I took these photos at McGalliard Falls. It is one of the easier waterfalls to access in North Carolina. Many of the falls out there you have to walk at least a mile to see. These falls are only a short walk away from the parking lot. We decided to visit here after we went apple picking earlier in the day. The falls is set in the middle of a park. It’s a short and paved walk down to where the falls are located. You do have to walk down a steep hill, but it isn’t too bad. Finding a set of waterfalls that doesn’t have a crazy walk to get to is a miracle in itself. It’s an easy walk to get to and close to the interstate. This makes it a must visit spot.

This shot is a view of Uptown Charlotte while the leaves are changing. I am not sure where I took this one at, but I do love how it turned out.

This last one is of one of my frequent spots that I visit to take photos of in Charlotte. This is Marshall Park in Uptown. The reflection you see in the water is not added in. The reflection is a result of a clear day with no wind. I arrived at the park that day at the perfect time to capture these shots.

Below is the collection of all of my favorite fall photos. What is your favorite season to take pictures in?


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