Finding New Places to Photograph

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust

Whenever I visit somewhere I am always looking for places to take pictures. Typically, before I visit somewhere I look for different places to take pictures. I usually Google places to visit in the area, and then try to choose somewhere different. We typically don’t go to the same place when we go on vacation, so I will take the time to see what is around where we are staying. I will typically use Google Maps to see what is nearby. When I look for new places, I have to keep my family’s preferences in mind too. My family has a big sweet tooth, so I look for a place to visit, there has to be somewhere that has some desserts. There is one catch to this, my wife is all about that low carb and sugar free life. My goal is to always find places that offer keto style desserts. Sometimes I find places with keto desserts, and other times I don’t. If they don’t have any places that offer it, I usually try to bring something with the cooler. There are some places where this is easier to find than others. It can be tricky finding places to go where the family is satisfied.

There are times where I just stumble on places to take great photos. These shots here are an example of that. While we were staying in a cabin near Gatlinburg, Tennesse it had rained a lot over a couple of days while we were there. The streams that ran down the mountain were flowing fast afterwards. I found this waterfall on the side of the road on the mountain we were staying on.

Where do you go to research about a new place you are visiting while on vacation?


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