Always Finding Water

“To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.” – Henry David Thoreau

The other day on Instagram I asked my followers where do they go to spend time with nature. I received a variety of answers. Some mentioned specific places they like to go, such as the beach, the mountains, or a nature preserve. A couple of responses shared about a specific time of the day. Some said they preferred sunsets, sunrises, early in the morning or late in the afternoon. I had one response that could relate to. They say that they go anywhere that they can find any kind of body of water. It didn’t matter if it was a lake or an ocean, the best place in nature for them was being by water. I am the exact same way. I was looking through my photos after reading this reply, and many of my favorite ones are right by the water. When I upload my photos, I always try to set them apart by the date I took them, and where I visited on that particular day. When I was looking through some of my bike ride files, I found that while I was out, I was heading towards some form of water in Charlotte in order to take pictures of them. From ponds, to streams, to small waterfalls and fountains, I am always looking for water to photograph. I might snap the shot in real time, or I might slow my shutter speed down in order to capture the full effect of the water feature. Whenever we travel, I look for any form of water to photograph. My favorite thing to photograph is water.

I took these photos on a bike ride I took a few weeks ago. Yet again, I was seeking out some water it looks like. If you look at the first pick you will see a boulder with a small water feature on it. I stopped and took a few photos of it. This small park is set up as a memorial to Jane Renwick Smedberg Wilkes. She is responsible for bringing hospitals and orphanages to Charlotte. She worked in a hospital camp during the Civil War that was set up outside of Charlotte, and she realized Charlotte needed a hospital of its own. So, she used her connections and status to start one. She is also responsible for founding a children’s hospital and the nations for hospital for African Americans. The bronze statue shown above was placed in this park near two of Charlotte’s largest hospitals to honor her work.

Where is your favorite place to photograph? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Here are some of my favorite photos featuring some form of water.


3 replies to “Always Finding Water

  1. We need more women like Jane. I love fountains and capture some surprise reflection off a watering hole. I have a cool one with a Purple Martin feeder in the bay behide a fountain. It looked more like a skyscraper on the horizon.


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